Suspects Stage Reconstruction

Footage showed the handcuffed suspects, Wearing bike helmets and police vests in case of attacks by angry locals, On Sairee woods.

The pair were surrounded by police as a renovation of the attacks was staged, Watched on by Cheap Soccer Jerseys, Replica Soccer Jerseys High Quality
countless locals and tourists.

One suspect could be seen walking through the sea to the sandy beach, And wielded a large handled tool to apparently replicate a garden hoe while discussing with officers.

The renovation also saw a man and woman, showing the victims, Walking under the beach, Their arms around various other.

Thai police declared the pair named as Win, 21, And used to see, 23, From Rakhine circumstance in Myanmar (Burma) Had been charged after admitting killing the British tourists during asking yourself.

Sky’s senior reporter Michelle Clifford said: “The men are said to have confessed wholesale kids jerseys
to the killings, Enduring often uncomfortable scenes as they staged a renovation of what happened leading up to the deaths.

“But local newspaper writers were suspicious, pressing not just the men but police for facts,

She included: “Apparent advance will be welcome but migrant workers, specially those from Burma, can sometimes be used as scapecoats for crimes in Thailand.

“And despite described confessions, There will be immense pressure on prosecutors to prove they have got the right men,

Thai countrywide police chief Somyot Poompanmoung said: “The suspects saw them kissing and were aroused, So they attacked and got rid of the man and proceeded to rape the feminine victim.

“clearly there was clear evidence: Forensic evidence of, (account from) Witnesses properly as other evidence, As well as closed circuit the telly footage,

He left on: “checking out the DNA results, We have tested that the DNA of these two match the DNA based in the deceased.

“there is also a mobile, A guitar and a motorbike used to do the crime. The telephone was the mobile of the victim which the suspects took it to destroy. Police could actually confiscate these,

Provincial police chief Kiattipong Khaosamang said the two men had also publicly stated raping Miss Witheridge. Police have collected DNA samples from more than 100 men on the city.

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